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FYC: Tiptoe Giants / Grammy ® Consideration

Dear Members of the Recording Academy, fellow creators and dream-makers THANK YOU FOR VISITING OUR FYC PAGE and taking time to consider

Small But Mighty is our third album, conceived out of our personal experiences as a music therapist, educators and mothers, as well as our own human struggles and life-lessons. For this album’s concept, we felt drawn to create a potent wellbeing toolkit, celebrating that big things happen when little ones learn to embrace emotions, unlock courage, learn to love themselves, wander in nature and practice resilience, healthy habits and mindfulness. It’s been a rough year for us, losing our beloved producer, and Meg’s partner, Michael McGlynn. This album is his final masterpiece, and a cherished tribute to his genius, passion, and our shared deep respect for children. We humbly present our album for your consideration, and hope you enjoy the abundance of musical variety, our messaging, and the creative and wildly-entertaining musical arrangements, as much as we relished in creating them. Featuring Bluey’s Joff Bush, lived-experience artists, kids comedy duo The Listies, and more!​ We strive to shine as musicians, music therapists, educators and champions of positive change in kids’ lives. Small But Mighty is TIPTOE GIANTS' gift from our hearts. Thank you for listening and considering our heart songs. May we all help each other live beautiful, mighty lives. Lee, Vee & Meg


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